Math Beach Solutions offers standards-aligned resources for secondary math teachers.

Hi! I'm Allison, the creator behind Math Beach Solutions.


When I first started teaching, I didn't have a textbook - just the standards and ideas for a curriculum framework. I was swamped with creating notes, practice worksheets, and tests on top of the never-ending grading and paperwork teachers are all too familiar with.

With time, I realized that implementing textbook-based resources is just as frustrating. They were supposedly standards-aligned, but contained many extraneous topics and lacked instruction of any kind for some topics! I was still spending my evenings creating new resources or desperately searching for a quick lesson for the next day.

Over the years, I invested in studying standards, sequencing curriculum, and developing standards-aligned resources for use in my own classroom.

I dreamed of developing a curriculum with time-saving standards-alignment guides to ease the burden of delivering standards-aligned instruction.

The dream behind Math Beach Solutions was brought to fruition in 2018 when I began my journey as a full-time curriculum writer.

I am committed to creating engaging resources that enrich student learning while saving precious time when lesson planning.

Teaching Style

I strive to provide students with a balanced approach to note-taking by reducing time spent copying problems and definitions, instead, placing emphasis on showing steps and verbalizing understanding of mathematical concepts.

Providing opportunities for movement, purposeful discussion, or a change in routine is another classroom principle I value. Sometimes students really do need time for skills practice, but that doesn't mean they have to stay stuck in their seat silently completing a worksheet!

About Allison

Allison spends her days writing lessons, brainstorming activities, revising existing resources, and corresponding with classroom teachers. She lives in Texas with her husband and three young children.


M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
B.S. in Mathematics from Texas Lutheran University
B.A. in English Studies from Texas Lutheran University