Texas Algebra 2 Curriculum

Who is this Texas Algebra 2 curriculum for?

The Math Beach Texas Algebra 2 curriculum is designed for Texas teachers searching for lessons and activities specifically created to help students master the Algebra 2 TEKS. 

When I created this curriculum, I sat down with a copy of the TEKS and studied them in-depth (again!) before bundling the TEKS into units and creating lessons.

Take the stress and hassle of trying to find standards-aligned lessons with the included TEKS-alignment guides. Get a sneak-peak in the video clip below.

Each unit comes with a TEKS-alignment guide and learning objectives for each lesson.
Texas Algebra 2 Curriculum Guide TEKS Alignment and Objectives

What topics are included?

Unit 1 Foundations for Functions
Unit 2 Absolute Value Functions
Unit 3 Linear Systems
Unit 4 Polynomial Operations
Unit 5 Radical Expressions and Complex Numbers
Unit 6 Parabolas and Quadratic Functions
Unit 7 Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Unit 8 Radical Equations and Relationships
Unit 9 Rational Functions
Unit 10 Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Unit 11 Modeling with Technology
Unit 12 Algebra 2 Review (course review + final exam)

  • Unit Lessons include a lesson notes handout, practice a and practice b, an exit ticket, and a next-day warm-up.
    Texas Algebra 2 Lesson Notes and Practice

  • Concept Organizers offer complimentary alternatives for note-taking or post-lesson concept reinforcement.
    Texas Algebra 2 Concept Organizers
  • The Mid-Unit Review (Forms A and B) provide an opportunity for students to practice the concepts they learned in the first part of the unit.
    Texas Algebra 2 Mid Unit Review
  • The Mid-Unit Assessment (Forms A and B) may be used as a test, quiz, or daily assignment to meet the specific needs of your students. 
    • Editable versions of Forms A and B are included as a .docx file for MS Word.
      Texas Algebra 2 Mid Unit Assessment Quiz
  • The Unit Review (Forms A and B) helps students focus on the key concepts studied throughout the unit.
    Texas Algebra 2 Unit Review
  • The Unit Test (Forms A, B, and C) comes in two comparable multiple-choice forms (A and B) and one free-response form (C). 
    • The test key includes TEKS alignment for each question to facilitate easy data analysis. 
    • Editable versions of Forms A, B, and C are included as a .docx file for MS Word.
      Texas Algebra 2 Unit Test Multiple Choice

Lesson Structure

  • The Lesson Notes are designed for use as a note-taking guide combined with guided practice.
  • Practice A and Practice B are suitable for use as in-class practice and homework. Two comparable forms are included for increased versatility.
  • The Exit Ticket is designed for a quick concept check at the end of the class period.
  • The Warm-Up is designed for next-day use to reinforce the previous day’s learning.
One-page display versions of the exit ticket and warm-up are included. Display the PDF page on a screen for student viewing and have students record their responses on notebook paper or scratch paper to save on printing.

Texas Algebra 2 Warm up and Exit Ticket

Where can I find the Math Beach Texas Algebra 2 curriculum?

Licenses are available in the Math Beach Solutions Store on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

Does the curriculum include activities?

It depends! The curriculum is available in a variety of formats to address the needs of individual teachers.

Most Popular - Texas Algebra 2 Curriculum Mega Bundle 

Includes 12 units, 55 printable activities, 8 classroom-based activities, and 53 digital activities for Google Slides ™ (with printable versions)

This popular option includes all of the lesson notes, practice worksheets, warm-ups and exit tickets, concept organizers, reviews, and assessments that are included in every unit. 

The printable and digital activities help round out the curriculum by adding even more opportunities for practice in the areas your students need it most.

Units Only Option - Texas Algebra 2 Curriculum

Includes the 12 units described above (No activities)

If you just need the 12 core units to get you started, the units only curriculum option is a great place to start! Each unit contains plenty of learning opportunities with multiple forms of each practice worksheet, review, and assessment.