4 Reasons I Love Homework Packets in Algebra 2

If you survey a hundred Algebra 2 teachers on how they assign homework in their classroom you will get a hundred different answers. I happen to really, really, really love homework packets.

Reason 1: Fewer Zeros

My homework return rate was higher and the number of zeros was lower. So it was a better reflection of how much the students were completing in addition to how well they understood the content rather than how much time they had that one specific night to complete one specific assignment.

Why fewer zeros? My students interacted with their homework packet daily in class. Read more tips on implementing homework packets here.

Reason 2: Increased Flexibility

It provided my students with more flexibility to actually get their homework done around their sometimes intense extracurricular schedules. Students involved in frequent after-school activities often don’t get home until really, really late - JV Football, I’m looking at you!

Your responsible and organized students are going to seriously love you for giving them the flexibility to work on their homework throughout the week rather than having to stick to a rigid nightly homework schedule.

You’ll still have some that procrastinate until the night before, but that's usually the reality in most high school classrooms (and many professional settings!)

Reason 3: Builds Time Management Skills

If you’re teaching a class of students that are likely to be college-bound or career-bound in an industry with frequent deadlines, giving them increased flexibility with a weekly homework packet is a gentle way to transition them out of rigid homework schedules and learn how to manage their time. This won’t be a huge change for students on alternate-day block schedules as they will have some practice with this!

Reason 4: The Comfort of Predictability

Some students won’t care, but most students will be really appreciative of the predictability of a weekly homework packet because it’s that much less brain power that they have to use to figure out everything that they need to get done at night for all of their courses.

You’re giving them the gift of knowing exactly when their homework is due every week - they don’t have to read your mind (or a schedule)! They will just know because your procedure will be SO predictable that it will become second nature for them.

I don’t think predictable is a bad thing because it takes the huge responsibility of trying to keep track of a bunch of minor assignments off of their plate and turns it into one weekly deadline that they have to remember.

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